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Thickness Gauges

Thickness Gauges

PeakTech 5220 - Coating Thickness Meter

Coating Thickness Meter Coating thickness meters are used for non-destructive measurement of coatings such as varnish, paint or plastic of metallic surfaces. The new PeakTech 5220 operates according to the Eddy current principle and is suitable for ferrous metals (Fe), such as sheet steel and non-ferrous metals (Non-Fe), such as aluminum or copper. This instrument works with high precision and has a German and English user interface with menu control on the well readable matrix LCD display with backlight. In addition to the high variety of measurement functions, such as minimum and maximum values, mean, high and low alarm and much more, this model also has an internal data memory with four measurement groups.

PeakTech 5225 - Ultrasonic Thickness Meter

Ultrasonic Thickness Meter This newly-developed material thickness meter is microprocessor controlled and operates with the ultrasonic principle. Thus, the device can measure the material thicknesses of the most sound waves conductive materials on the basis of the speed of sound, such as e.g. Metal, glass, plastic, ceramic and more. For highest accuracy, the device offers a very high resolution of 0.1 mm and an auto-calibration function with a built in housing 4 mm metal plate. The instrument is equipped with two sensors for different material thicknesses which permit measurements of 1 mm to 300 mm at 5 MHz frequency sound.