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Chemical-Physical Characteristics

Chemical-Physical Characteristics

PeakTech 5315 - pH-Meter 0.00 - 14.00 with Backlight

pH-Meter 0.00 - 14.00 with Backlight The PeakTech 5315 pH-meter has a long and thin measuring probe specially developed for laboratory use, which can be used for flasks, beakers or cylinders. The probe can be easily removed thanks to its screw attachment. The LCD display is backlit and is easily readable. In the upper part there are the On/Off switch and two trimmers for pH 7 and pH 4 calibration. The two necessary buffer solutions for calibration are included.

PeakTech 5310 - pH Meter

pH Meter This new pH meter measures the pH value of aqueous liquids using a detachable sensor for fast and accurate evaluation of the measurement results with the galvanic potential difference between acidic, neutral and basic liquids in contact with the immersion probe tip. In addition, this device has a potentiometer for calibration on a pH7 value with an enclosed screwdriver, and a neutralization solution for the sensor. The large LCD display is equipped with a permanent backlight illumination of the display and can be read easily even from a bigger distance. For long-term use, the device also has an AC adapter for the mains power connection.

PeakTech 5201 - Material Moisture Meter

Material Moisture Meter This new instrument is used for non-destructively tracing dampness in building material of all kinds as well for detecting damp distribution in walls, ceilings and floors. The absolute humidity, as well as the minimum and maximum measured moisture are here shown in the large, illuminated digital display. To measure also at difficult to reach positions, this device allows to hold the current measured value in the display by pressing the hold button. Besides the measured values, the device shows a settable message "Dry, Wet or Risk" and also makes an audible warning tone for high humidity values.

PeakTech 5125 - Pure Water Tester

Pure Water Tester To measure the conductivity value (ranging from 0 - 2000 µS) which can therefore judge whether water is pure or not. The conductivity value will become lower if there is much less impurities existed in water (for example, distilled water that its purity is higher than others will get a lower conductivity value of approx. < 10 µS). In industrial sectors, it would be a great help for the quality of the products if using the good water (more pure water) in the process. It may cause several diseases if home drink water existing high conductivity & contain impurities, the (pure water tester) are designed to check the purity of water (water conductivity) also can determine the conduction of the “water filter” easily and rapidly.

PeakTech 5500 - Frying Oil Tester

Oil-Tester This device has been developed for the fast and reliable testing of frying oils in the catering industry, large kitchens, but also the private user. Also this unit displays the oil temperature, so that the appliance settings and indicators of the fryer can be checked. By measuring the TPM value (total polar material), the content of polar substances can be determined, which characterizes a reliable parameter for the extent of the aging of the frying oil / fat during frying.
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