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Anemometers and Pressure Gauges

Anemometers and Pressure Gauges

PeakTech 5170 - Digital Vane Anemometer and Termometer 3 ⅚ digits

Digital Vane Anemometer and Termometer 3 ⅚ digits This new vane anemometer measures air velocity in meters/ second, kilometers/hour, feet/minute, knots and miles per hour, as well as the current air temperature with simultaneous display of these two measured values on the display. The multi line LCD display is equipped with an automatic back-light illumination, which activates in low brightness areas by a photodiode. In addition to the precise measurement function, this device also provides an average and maximum value detection. By the handy and robust design of this instrument, it is perfectly suitable for heating and air conditioning technicians, as well as for the hobby and recreational area.

PeakTech 8103 - Measurement Equipment Set "Environment"

Measurement Equipment Set "Environment" In education and training, as well as for interested home users, various environmental measurement functions are indispensable. Therefore, this new series of environmental instruments in a sturdy carrying case is a comprehensive collection of practical instruments. The PeakTech 5160 is a compact device for measuring the humidity and air temperature and therefore ideally suited to determine the indoor climate in the house area, or in horticulture and plant breeding to check the air conditions. Whereas the measurement of the light intensity in Lux can be carried out with the new PeakTech 5165, as it is needed in the horticultural field or occupational safety.

PeakTech 5150 - Differential Pressure Meter with USB

Differential Pressure Meter with USB interface Microprocessor-controlled instrument for detecting pressure differences, using a digital multi-function display with backlight. This highly accurate meter allows for use in installation, diagnostics, repair, mainenance and optimization of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. The USB interface and software used to documenting measured values over time.

PeakTech 5060 - Professional Vane-Anemometer&IR-Thermometer with

Professional Vane-Anemometer & IR-Thermometer with USB 2 in 1 Vane anemometer with built-in noncontact IR thermometer and digital multifunction LCD display and backlight, measures air velocity, air flow (single point) and remote surface temperatures to 500°C (932°F) with 30:1 distance to spot ratio and laser pointer. This unit is suitable for use in installation, repair, diagnostics and optimization. Fume hood testing, installation and verification. Ventilation system installation, servicing and analysis, environmental wind and temperature testing / analysis. Boiler rooms, ionizer flow output monitoring, automobile aerodynamic testing, plant / facilities maintenance. The USB interface and the software enables the record of measuring values for a longer period.

PeakTech 5145 - Pressure-Difference & Air Flow Meter with USB

"2 in 1" Professional Pressure-Difference & Air Flow Meter with USB Microprocessor controlled 2 in 1 meter for determining pressure, pressure difference, Air Velocity and Air Flow, with a digital multi-function display and backlighting. The ambient and air temperature can be additionally detected. This combination device enables the use in installation, diagnostics, repair, maintenance and optimization of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems and uses a pitot tube to capture the different readings. The USB interface and the software are used for recording of measurement values over extended periods and read out the built-in memory of 99 measurement readings.