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Energy Meters

Energy Meters

PeakTech 9035 - Power Meter

Energy / Power Meter New designed, high-precison Energy Meter for detecting the energy consumption of electrical appliances and to calculate the total cost of the electricity consumption of a device by entering the current price. Through the integrated power factor calculation all modern electronic consumers such as switching power supplies, TVs, fluorescent lights, LED systems and of course, resistive loads such as electrical heaters and hobs are precisely measured. In addition, due to the high resolution and the low response, even very small or standby loads are measured from approximately 1W.

PeakTech 2510 - Multifunction Power Analyzer with RS-232C Interface

Multifunction Power Analyzer with RS-232C Interface Multifunction power analyzer for testing of Watt, Power factor, AC V, AC A, DC A Hz and Ohm. Super large LCD 93 x 52 mm 2 , easy to read out the power, power factor, voltage and current values at the same time.