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PeakTech 5025 - Digital Lux Meter 3 ½ digit 200 - 50000 Lux

Digital Lux Meter, 3 ½ digits, 200 - 50000 Lux A very low cost and easy to be used unit, pocket sized with 3 ½ digit 11 mm LCD-display and low battery indication. Ideal for checking and measurement the light intensity in offices, factories, hotels etc. Measuring spectrum according C.I.E.

PeakTech 5165 - Digital-Lux-Meter 3 ½ digits, 200,000 Lux

Digital-Lux-Meter 3 ½ digits, 200,000 Lux This newly developed light meter measures the current illuminance at its fixed sensor with a high sampling rate for a fast and accurate evaluation of the measurement results. The easy to read LCD display is equipped with an automatic backlight, which activates itself in low brightness areas by a photodiode. In addition to the precise measurement function, this device also offers a minimum and maximum value function, and a data hold function at the push of a button. By the handy and robust design, this instrument is especially suitable for use in the field of occupational safety, as well as the evaluation of lighting systems in agriculture and the industrial sector or in offices.

PeakTech 3690 - Digital Multimeter, 3 4/5 digits (3999) 15mm, Frequency Meter, Phonometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Luxmeter

Digital Multimeter, 3 4/5 digits (3999) 15mm, Frequency Meter, Phonometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Luxmeter Professional multitester with large LCD, showing 2 lines of readings and supplied with backlight for easy reading. This multitester combines the functions of sound, lux, humidity, temperature measurements, with a digital multimeter. It provides additional protection against damages caused by improper operation.

PeakTech 5035 - 4 in 1 Multifunction Environment Tester

4 in 1 Multifunction environment tester This meter has been designed to combine the functions of Sound Level, Light Meter, Humidity Meter and Temperature Meter. It is an ideal Multi-Function Environment Meter Instrument with scores of practical applications for professional and home use. The Sound Level functions can be used to measure noise in factories, schools, offices, airports, home, etc. checking acoustics of studios, audiotoriums and hi-fi installations. The Light functions is used to measure illuminance in the field. It is fully cosine corrected for the angular incidence of light. The light sensitive component used in the meter is a very stable, long life silicon diode. The Humidity / Temperature use a humidity / semiconductor sensor and K type thermocouple.

PeakTech 5086 - Digital Lux Meter 3 ¾ digit 40 - 400000 Lux

Digital Lux Meter, 3 ¾ digits, 40 - 400000 Lux This new LED LUX meter with 3 ¾ digit LCD display (max. 3999) is a high-tech instrument that is suitable for the measurement of the illuminance of LED lights, fluorescent or conventional incandescent lamps with different light colors. The measurement is performed in lux (lx) or footcandles (fc) or candela (cd). Simple Luxmeters are usually only suitable for the measurement of standard lights of incandescent lamps with a color temperature of 2856 K and show inaccurate measurement results for different color temperatures. In the other hand, the PeakTech 5086 can be adjusted to various light source factors to measure for example various fluorescent lamps, tungsten lamps, red, blue, yellow or day white light LEDs.

PeakTech 8103 - Measurement Equipment Set "Environment"

Measurement Equipment Set "Environment" In education and training, as well as for interested home users, various environmental measurement functions are indispensable. Therefore, this new series of environmental instruments in a sturdy carrying case is a comprehensive collection of practical instruments. The PeakTech 5160 is a compact device for measuring the humidity and air temperature and therefore ideally suited to determine the indoor climate in the house area, or in horticulture and plant breeding to check the air conditions. Whereas the measurement of the light intensity in Lux can be carried out with the new PeakTech 5165, as it is needed in the horticultural field or occupational safety.