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All shipments are made by courier and are insured for any loss of goods and for any damage caused during transport.

Delivery times are approximately 5 working days in Europe and 6 working days in the rest of the world.

The buyer or addressee, when he receives the goods, must check the number of packages and their good condition. If he finds the lack or the bad condition or the tampering of one or more packages he must accept the goods with reserve. It is never appropriate for the buyer or addressee to reject the goods, it is only necessary that the courier signs the reservation on the copy of the courier delivery note that remains to the addressee.

The non-acceptance of goods would only lead to further delays in the management of shortages or damage.

The buyer or recipient, after accepting the goods, with or without reservations, must as soon as possible open the packaging and verify the good condition and the good functioning of the products received.

The buyer must inform RCE, within three days of receipt of goods, of any lack or damage occurred during transport. The RCE could request additional information necessary to identify the lacks or the damages and photographic evidence of the damages suffered, where possible. Then the RCE will report  the shortages of goods or damages to the courier.

In the case of shortages of goods, the RCE, having ascertained that it is not just a delay in the delivery of one or more packages, will return the goods found to be missing at its own expense.

In case of damaged goods, in relation to the type of damage occurred, RCE at its expense will return the goods by picking the damaged ones, or collect the damaged ones to repair and restore them and send them back to the buyer, or send the buyer only the damaged parts where it is possible for the purchaser to easily replace them.

If the goods or parts to be shipped back are not available, the RCE may agree with the buyer to replace the missing or damaged goods with others of similar characteristics, or refund the buyer.

The delay of the buyer in reporting the shortages or damages may determine the non-acceptance of the complaint by the shipper. In this case the buyer will lose all rights in this regard.

RCE will in no case be responsible for the shortages and damages.