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PeakTech 5086 - Luxómetro Digital a 3 ¾ dígitos, 40 - 400000 Lux

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Luxómetro Digital a 3 ¾ dígitos, 40 - 400000 Lux

Este nuevo luxómetro con pantalla LCD de 3 ¾ dígitos (hasta 3999) es un instrumento de alta tecnología adecuado para medir la iluminación de luces LED, luces fluorescentes o lámparas incandescentes tradicionales con diferentes colores. La medición se realiza en Lux (lx) o Footcandles (fc) o Candle (cd).
Los luxómetros simples por lo general solo son adecuados para la medición de luces estándar de lámparas incandescentes con una temperatura de color de 2856 K y marcar mediciones inexactas para diferentes temperaturas de color.
El PeakTech 5086 se puede configurar para medir diferentes fuentes de luz, por ejemplo varios tipos de lámparas fluorescentes, lámparas de tungsteno, lámparas LED rojas, azules, amarillas o claras. blanco.

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Digital Lux Meter, 3 ¾ digits, 40 - 400000 Lux

This new LED LUX meter with 3 ¾ digit LCD display (max. 3999) is a high-tech instrument that is suitable for the measurement of the illuminance of LED lights, fluorescent or conventional incandescent lamps with different light colors. The measurement is performed in lux (lx) or footcandles (fc) or candela (cd).
Simple Luxmeters are usually only suitable for the measurement of standard lights of incandescent lamps with a color temperature of 2856 K and show inaccurate measurement results for different color temperatures.
In the other hand, the PeakTech 5086 can be adjusted to various light source factors to measure for example various fluorescent lamps, tungsten lamps, red, blue, yellow or day white light LEDs.
The unit has 10 free adjustable correction factors for different types of lighting, 99 memory places for readings and other practicable measurement functions, such as a minimum and maximum value function or data hold, making it ideal suitable for professional use in the work safety or the evaluation of various lighting systems.

  • Measuring the light intensity in lux, fc or cd
  • 10 light source adjustable factors
  • Suitable for various types of lamps
  • Update rate: 2.5 times per second
  • Cosine angular corrected
  • Measurement: Class A JIS C 1609: 1993 + CNS 5119
  • Data hold, Min / Max and AVG measurement
  • Autoranging and Zeroing
  • Accessories: Batteries, Carrying Case, Manual
Ranges LUX 40 / 400 / 4000 / 40000 / 400000
Ranges FC 40 / 400 / 4000 / 40000
Accuracy ±3 % (2856 K) + corrected LED Day-White, ±6% others
Correction factors 10 adjustable
Data Storage 99 Values
Operating Voltage 3 x 1.5 V AAA Batteries
Dimensions (WxHxD)   58 x 160 x 27 mm3
Weight 280 g


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