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PeakTech 5160 - Thermomètre et Hygromètre de l'Air 3 chiffres

35,70 $US

Thermomètre et Hygromètre de l'Air 3 chiffres

Mesurez la température et l'humidité de l'air avec un capteur intégré rapidement et avec précision.
L'écran LCD facile à lire dispose d'un rétro-éclairage qui s'active automatiquement dans des conditions de faible luminosité. br /> Handy et robuste, avec la mémorisation de lecture.

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Air Temperature / Humidity Meter 3 digits

This newly developed instrument measures the current humidity, as well as the current air temperature over a fixed sensor for fast and accurate evaluation of the measurement results.
The easy to read LCD display is equipped with an automatic backlight, which activates itself in low brightness areas by a photodiode.
In addition to the precise measurement function, this device also offers a data hold function.
By the handy and robust design, this instrument is especially suitable for the daily use in the construction sector, as well as the assessment of the climate state of living rooms and greenhouses.

  • 3 digits 10 mm LCD display (max. 999)
  • Automatic backlight illumination
  • Relative Humidity measurement
  • Air temperature display in °C or °F
  • Fast acting sensors
  • Rugged and compact housing design
  • Data-Hold function
  • Accessories: battery, manual
Relative Humidity 10% ~ 99%; 0.1 ; ± 3%
Air Temperature °C - 10°C ~ +50°C ; 0.1 ; ± 2°C
Air Temperature °F 14°F ~ 122°F ; 0.1 ; ± 3.6°F
Sampling rate 2 / second
Operating voltage 9 V Battery
Dimensions (WxHxD)   55 x 145 x 35 mm3
Weight 120 g


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