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All products sold are guaranteed by the manufacturer. This warranty is valid for three years from the date of sale indicated on the sales tax document (invoice or transport document). Some products or components may, due to their nature, have a limited life (eg lamps, LED diodes, LASER emitters, batteries, etc.) and therefore they do not have the guarantee.

All the faults that occurred due to improper use of the product, electrical discharges or over voltages, falls or shocks are excluded from the warranty.


The purchaser who during the warranty period should find a fault in a purchased product must inform RCE, indicating the product, any serial number, the fault found, the number and date of the purchase document.

The RCE will inform the purchaser how to send the product to the manufacturer for replacement or warranty repair. The shipping costs will be borne by the buyer.

If the defect is manifested on the first use of the product and is reported to RCE within 10 days from the date of purchase, the manufacturer or RCE will assume all shipping costs.