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PeakTech 4105 - Generador de Funciones Arbitrarias DDS, 1 μHz - 30 MHz, 2 Canales, 14 bits Vertical

541,51 $

Generador de Funciones Arbitrarias DDS, 1 μHz - 30 MHz, 2 Canales, 14 bits Vertical

Este generador de forma de ondas arbitrarias a síntesis digital directa (DDS) de alta calidad y nuevo diseño tiene excelentes propiedades técnicas y una amplia variedad de funciones.
En particular, los dos canales de salida son equivalentes, hay una gran cantidad de formas de onda arbitrarias prealmacenadas y diferentes tipos de modulación.
De este modo, este dispositivo es perfectamente adecuado para casi todas las actividades de investigación, desarrollo y formación.

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DDS Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 1 µHz - 30 MHz, 2 Channels, 14 bits Vertical

This newly developed high-quality direct digital synthesis (DDS) arbitrary waveform generator has excellent technical properties and a high variety of functions.
Of particular note here are the two equivalent output channels, the large number of pre-stored arbitrary waveforms and many different types of modulation.
In this way, this device is perfectly suited for nearly all tasks in research, development and the training area.

  • Large 4.3“ high resolution TFT-LCD display for both channels at once
  • Two independent channels with same technical characteristics
  • 1 uHz frequency resolution for whole bandwidth
  • 120 MSa/s sampling rate, 14 bits vertical resolution
  • 5 standard waveforms (Sinus, Square, Triangle etc.)
  • 50 arbitrary waveforms (Sin(x)/x, Gaussian, 1 /x, Noise etc.)
  • 5 user-defined arbitrary waveforms, editable with PC-Software
  • 9 types of modulation (AM, FM, PSK, FSK, PM, PWM, SUM, ASK, BPSK)
  • Channel coupling and combine features, Sweep and Burst function
  • Integrated 350 MHz frequency counter, 8 W power amplifier
  • Two different software programs for remote control and waveform edit
  • Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT II
  • Included accessories: power cable, USB interface cable, software for Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7, BNC cable, manual on CD
Frequency range 1 µHz - 30 MHz
Waveforms 5 Standard, 5 User-defined, 50 Arbitrary
Harmonic distortion < -60 dBc (< 5MHz) / < -50 dBc (> 5MHz)
Total distortion < 1%
Signal characteristic 120 MSa/s ; 14 Bit ; 4096 Pts.
Duty cycle 0.1% - 99.9%
Frequency resolution 1 µHz
Amplitude range 0 - 20 Vpp
Type of modulation AM, FM, PSK, FSK, PM, PWM, SUM, ASK, BPSK
Frequency counter 0.01 Hz - 350 MHz; 6 digits
Power amplifier 8 W (8Ω); 2 W (50 Ω)
Operating voltage 100 ~ 240 V AC; 50 ~ 60 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD)  256 x 102 x 322 mm3
Weight 3 kg


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