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PeakTech 4000 - Multímetro Digital de Banco, 4 ¾ dígitos (53000) 15mm, Medidor de Frecuencia

413,58 $

Multímetro Digital de Banco, 4 ¾ dígitos (53000) 15mm, Medidor de Frecuencia

Multímetro de banco muy preciso y estable con un convertidor A/D de 24 bits controlado por un microprocesador.
Puede medir 10 magnitudes eléctricas, no solo tensiones y corrientes en CC o CA rms, sino también tensiones y corrientes AC con componente de CC, hasta 1000V o 10A.
La resolución de las medidas de voltaje de CC es de 1μV, la frecuencia máxima para las mediciones de CA es de alrededor de 20kHz.
El multímetro también es un frecuencímetro y un medidor de ciclo de trabajo. Como un medidor de frecuencia, puede medir impulsos de hasta 2MHz y señales sinusoidales de hasta 200kHz. Como medidor de ciclo de servicio, puede medir la relación de servicio de 10% a 90% para frecuencias de 5Hz a 500kHz.

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Digital Bench Multimeter, 4 ¾ digit (53000) 15mm, Frequencymeter

High accurate and stable digital bench type multimeter with a 24 bits A/D converter, controlled by a single chip computer.
It can operate 10 measurement functions, not only DC, AC, rms, but DC and AC mixture signals RMS can measured for 1000V or 10A.
The resolution of DC V is 1µV and the frequency band of voltage or current is about 20kHz.
The multimeter is also a frequency counter and a duty cycle meter, which can test pulse frequency over 2MHz or sine frequency more than 200kHz, duty ratio from 10% to 90% for frequencies from 5Hz to 500kHz.
The measurement of 50MΩ, resistor 5000µF capacitor, maximum / minimum, average, relative value, power dB, diode continuity and memory function up to 30 full screen for saving data are useful for engineers.
This bench type multimeter is controlled and calibrated by software, so that it’s stability for long time is guaranteed.
With the optical USB interface and computer software the unit can display, draw record all test processes on a computer, the graphic software has an exclusive dynamic scale, which can describe very small changes of electric parameters.
In connection with a computer the bench type multimeter becomes a very useful measurement recorder and the protection functions against some error operations get it’s safety characteristic guaranteed.

  • 4 ¾ digits, 15mm LED display with additional secondary display and function symbols (max. 53000 counts)
  • True RMS
  • Autoranging / manual range selection; relative function and dBm measurement
  • Diode, continuity and logic test
  • Misconnection alarm
  • Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT II 1000V
  • Accessories: case, power cord, USB interface cable, software for windows 88/2000/XP, test leads, test clips, manual
DC V 50 / 500mV / 5 / 50 / 500 / 1000V; 1µV; ± (0.03% + 6 digits)
AC V 50 / 500mV / 5 / 50 / 500 / 1000V; 1µV; ± (0.5% + 40 digits)
DC A 500 / 5000µA / 50 / 500mA / 5 / 10A; 0.01µA; ± (0.15% + 10 digits)
AC A 500 / 5000µA / 50 / 500mA / 5 / 10A; 0.01µA; ± (0.75% + 10 digits)
Ohm 500Ω / 5 / 50 / 500kΩ / 5 / 50MΩ; 10mΩ; ± (0.1% + 5 digits)
Capacity 50 / 500nF / 5 / 50 / 500 / 5000µF; 0.01nF; ± (1.0% + 10 digits)
Frequency 5Hz to 200kHz; 1mHz; ± (0.006% + 4 digits)
Operating voltage 100 ~ 120V / 200 ~ 240V AC switchable ext.; 50/60Hz
Dimension (WxHxD) 260x100x320mm3
Weight 3.1kg




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