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PeakTech 5610A - High Performance IR-Thermal Imaging Camera, 220 x 160 pixels, Internal Memory, USB Interface


IR-Thermal Imaging Camera, 220 x 160 pixels, with Micro-SD Card, Internal Memory, USB Interface

This IR camera has an unbeatable performance / price ratio and is particularly suitable for industry, construction, mechanical, thermo-hydraulic, electrical systems, and wherever it is useful to make small temperature differences visible.

This IR camera also contains a built-in video camera in the visible spectrum that allows you to simultaneously obtain infrared and visible images, the overlap of which allows problems to be easily identified.

Images can be saved, with time and date, on the supplied SD card for later processing on a PC.

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High Performance IR-Thermal Imaging Camera, 220 x 160 pixels, -20°C +300°C, Internal Memory, USB Interface

IR thermal imaging camera with an unbeatable performance / price ratio, particularly suitable for construction, industry, mechanics, thermo-hydraulics, electrical systems and wherever it is useful to make visible small differences in temperature.

It also contains a video camera in the visible and an LED illuminator which allow to obtain simultaneously infrared and visible images, whose superposition allows to easily identify the analyzed areas.

Images are stored with time and date in the file name, for subsequent transfer to PC.

In addition, this thermal imaging camera offers five different color palettes for thermal images and five blending modes between the visible image and the thermal image.

  • High-performance thermal imaging camera also suitable for construction
  • IR thermal images with a resolution of 220 x 160 pixels
  • 2.8 "TFT color display and graphic menu
  • Shoots 9 frames per second
  • Shoots simultaneously in the IR and in the visible with 5 levels of overlap of your choice
  • Thermal image with 5 color palettes (rainbow, iron oxide red, cold color, white heat, black heat)
  • Measures the temperature at the point identified by the cross-hair grating
  • Identify the points at minimum and maximum temperature and measure their values
  • Indicates the measured temperatures and the emission factor in the image
  • Store images on internal memory, enough for over 20,000 images
  • USB interface for data transfer to PC
  • It does not require specific drivers or software, the thermal imager is seen as a USB key
  • Image file names contain the shooting date and time
  • Power supply with internal USB rechargeable battery
  • Accessories supplied: carrying case with shoulder strap, USB cable, USB charger, operating manual
IR thermal image resolution 220 x 160 (35200 pixels)
Visible image resolution 0.3 Megapixels
Display 70 mm / 2.8" LCD-TFT
Temperature-Range -20°C to 300°C / -4°F to 572°F
Resolution of the displayed temperatures   0.1°C / 0.1°F
Accuracy ±2% or 2°C / 4°F
Thermal Sensitivity 0.07°C / 0.13°F
IR wave lenght range 8 to 14 μm
Emissivity 0.1 to 1.0
Image frequency 9 Hz
Shooting angle 27 ° x 35 °
Minimum focusing distance 50 cm
Field angle 27° x 35°
Shortest focusing distance 0.5 m
Internal memory capacity >20,000 images
Data transfer to PC USB interface
Image format JPEG
Operating temperature 0°C to 50°C
Storage temperature -40°C to 80°C
Relative humidity <85% RH
Power supply Internal rechargeable battery
Autonomy  >2 hours
Dimensions (WxHxD)   72 x 226 x 95 mm3
Weight 390 g